Saturday October 24th:
The 2015 #UpNug Halloween Party
12106991_930951383608698_2089557381002865040_n 10.24.15 #UpNugRager Ryan ReAves

Brought to you by Nuglife & Radio Radio

#UpNug 10/24: #HalloweenRager:

►Cover: $5 Pre-Sale & Before 11, $10 after
►215 area: W Valid 215 Rec.
►►” NON SMOKERS (no 215 recommendation) WELCOME
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Upnug Entertainment Presents :The 2015 #UpNug Halloween Party sponsored by Radio Nuglife.
On Saturday October 24th we will have Live music from La Yerba Ruda, Premier Stand up comedy from Ryan ReAves, #CostumeContests (#Scariest #Sexiest #HomeMadeCreative) Aside from the regular give-aways, Raffles & Game shows & 420. Experience the #BongRipChallenge, #BluntRollingChallenge, #MediDating #BudBuzzTrivia #StonerFeud & more. More #GIVAWAYS from #NITTISTATTOO & #OLLIEANGLE #SKATESHOP #TheLeafyCauldronSD #TheKindCookery #leafoflifelollies ALL NIGHT LONG (til 4 am)
( 9:00 pm)►Doors open& get medicated (House DJ Pepe)
( 9:55 pm )►(5 Min) #SponsorRaffles: #1
( 9:55 pm )►(10 Min) #BluntRipChallenge
( 9:55 pm )►(20 Min) 420GameShows
(10:05 pm )►(10 Min) #BongRipChallenge #1
(10:15 pm)►(30 Min) Chronmedy Central Live Stand Up Comedy :
Host: Benji GarciaReyes
– Radio Nuglife, Despierta America, I.B. Comedy Club
Openner: Eden H (6 Minutes)
– Up Comedy Shows
Feature: Luis Stoleo (10 Minutes)
– Stand Parado Televisa, DirecTv Spanish
Headliner: Ryan REaves (30 Minutes)
– Vh1 , Fox Laughs
(11:00 pm)►(20 Min) Music #1:Tha Izz
(11:20 pm)►(5 Min) #BongRipChallenge #2
(11:25 pm)►(20 Min) #CostumeContests:
#MostCreative #Sexiest #BestOverAll
(11:45 pm)►(5 Min) #BongRipChallenge #3
(11:50 pm )►(50-60 Min) Music #2
Headliner: La Yerba Ruda
(12:50 am – 4 am??) ►House DJ & bong rips???
►Host Benji GarciaReyes Comedy:
►Co-Host: Tommy Lucero:
►Comedy Headliner: Ryan Reaves
►Music Guest #1: Tha Izz
►Music Guest #2: La Yerba Ruda
Game Shows & Sponsors:
►TBA (wanna sponsor? email UpNugEvents@gmail.com for info)
Prizes: 3rd: TBA 2nd: TBA 1st: TBA + spot in Championships (Jan ’16)
►TBA (wanna sponsor? email UpNugEvents@gmail.com for info)
Prizes:3rd: TBA 2nd: TBA 1st: TBA + spot in Championships (Jan ’16)
►TBA (wanna sponsor? email UpNugEvents@gmail.com for info)
Prizes:3rd: TBA 2nd: TBA 1st: TBA + spot in Championships (Jan ’16)
SUPER Thanks to our sponsors:
-“The world’s safest on-linr marketplace for the MMJ industry.”
► Bahjow 420 Super Store:
-“Eveything you need, 420 hours a day.”
►Leaf of Life Lollies
-“Some of THE best & potent edible candy in Southern California.”
►The Kind Cookery
-“Great food, kind people, awesome portions.”
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BOOTH info =>Call: 796-2364 / 858-UPNUG-01 or email UpNugEvents@Gmail.com
Featured Charity/Cause:
►Zion House – (Artist-Talent-Patients Houseing Project)
————————–VENUE DETAILS:————————

4284 Market Street
San Diego, Ca. 92102

Local SD Facebookpage:
Organization Main Page:
Organization History:
More info at: 619-796-2364 or UpNugEvents@Gmail.com
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